LMC uses Alliance Outdoor Lighting products. Alliance takes pride in manufacturing solid brass fixtures, intelligent transformers and LED lamps with the widest operating voltage range in the industry.

The advantage to solid cast brass is that there is no chipping or paint loss. Any scratches will develop a verde gris patina over time. 

Bronze is the only available color.

The lighting timer is manually programmable at all times and WiFi compatible if you are within 150 feet of the transformer.  

 This makes it easy for Alliance to stand behind a hassle-free Lifetime Warranty. It will be hard to find another product line that matches the value you will receive with LMC and Alliance Outdoor Lighting.


Alliance Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides security to your home rather than the look and feel of vacancy.

Lighting gives your home a living appearance, welcoming you and your guests at night. 

Pathway and walkway lighting provide a soft guiding ambience to enhance your outdoor living experience

Outdoor lighting can accentuate the architecture of your home as well as highlight focal points of your landscape and hardscape.