Septic Systems Express

Your convenience is our goal!

To better serve you, LMC Sprinklers has partnered with Septic System Express to provide septic system designs for residential and commercial properties throughout South Central Texas.

We work 7 days a week, at your convenience, with a "quick to the site and fast designing" work ethic. 

We also perform repair/replacement designs , as well as site certifications (needed for approval of a proposed property plat), real estate transfer inspections and, in Bexar County, registrations (licensing) of existing systems.

Our team provides planning meetings for commercial establishments that will need a septic system design, e.g., commercial strip centers, RV and mobile home parks, stand alone restaurants, etc.

Why Us?

  • Over four decades in the water/septic design business
  • Registered Sanitarian
  • CAD Computer Automated Designs

Contact Numbers:

  • Frank Aguirre - (210) 275-7866
  • Chris Heimann -  (210) 827-1607