Our Goal is to Help You Conserve Water

Our licensed sprinkler irrigation repair technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, and courteous. They're always looking for ways to help conserve water.

We highly recommend you having a tune-up on your sprinkler system once a year. We adjust all the heads to avoid watering hardscape, fences, the street, and walkways. These adjustments assure you are getting full coverage and prevent dry-areas. 

All valves are checked to make sure they are operating properly.

The controller is checked for correct seasonal programming for efficient water usage and comply with any SAWS water restrictions due to drought.

Through consistent attendance in continuing education, we are able to inform you of new irrigation repair maintenance codes and laws, performing a check of your system to make sure it is in compliance with current and near future regulations.

We service all major manufacturers' components.

Schedule an appointment to repair your irrigation system.

Our sprinkler system repair charge is $75 hourly rate + parts.

We are licensed to test back flow devices. San Antonio Water Systems will notify residents by mail when this test is necessary. We test the device and send the necessary paperwork to SAWS for you.